You see a marina with a hotel and resort

we see it too

The center of your business is working capital

We help entrepreneurs and visionaries like you build great things. Others see a vacant lot or run down building but you see a marina, a spa, lofts and sidewalk cafe’s full of people. You know working with traditional lenders will take far too long and by the time you explain the opportunity to a traditional lender, the deal will be gone to someone else. Axys principals have grown numerous businesses, and we’ve been in your shoes. And we know how a quick injection of capital can have a dramatic effect on growth.

That’s why you call us. Axys Financial provides fast, flexible and creative business capital solutions focused on private lending, bridge and mezzanine financings – such as real estate development, land or project acquisition, expansion, construction, receivables, oil & gas production – just about anything that is equity and collateral supported. We know your business and understand your vision and we’ll see what you see and get you funded in as little as two weeks. Our sweet spot is in the $5 million to $50+ million range (if smaller we can help through an affiliated company). We are a direct lender with immediately available capital – we make the decisions, we underwrite, we service and can fund quickly.


When time is of the essence and you don’t want to mess around with traditional lenders or raising costly new equity, give us a call. We will take the time to quickly study your situation at no obligation. We think outside the box as fellow entrepreneurs who have developed numerous projects and have been on the same side of the table as you. We understand the frustrating challenges and time consumption required in seeking new capital. It’s no fun and takes your eyes off the target when you need them the most.

Axys saw my vision and funded it in nine days

they made it happen. they got it.

Axys Financial stands ready to quickly review your working capital requirements. We know how a timely injection of capital can have a dramatic effect on growth. You could have a rare opportunity with a limited window, temporary cash flow issues (or another thing?) and going through traditional lenders or pitching investors would take way too long.

We’re here to help. You can talk to us directly and we’ll move quickly. In a couple of weeks, you could have millions in working capital and take your company to the next level.

VISIONARY adjective : thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom.

We know opportunity moves faster than traditional lenders

If we see it with you, we'll get you the funds

As fellow entrepreneur’s, Axys Financial’s lending platform has been constructed to assure a prompt process and quickly move to a decision. You are dealing directly with the capital source.
We understand that time is a valuable resource in today’s competitive business environment. We maintain a fast and efficient approval process and provide certainty of execution.
We service our investments in-house. As a portfolio lender, we work with our clients to address issues as they arise during the life of a deal. Most importantly, we conduct our business with the highest level of integrity.

What do I need to get started?

Have these items ready for quick turnaround

An executive summary of your needs
Your timeline and repayment goals
Recent appraisals of assets & collateral
Historical & projected financials

Visions brought to life

Project Expansion

When resort developers decided to expand their 500-acre project they called Axys.


As fellow entrepreneurs, Axys principals share your vision and work hard to achieve your goals. We too know opportunity when we see it.

“Their process is straight forward and efficient and their prompt funding appreciated. Thanks for your support and professionalism.”

Let’s discuss your vision

In order to be as efficient and prompt to your request, please fill out the form below with as much information as possible. If in our criteria, we will get back to you via email/phone to further discuss. Axys Financial focuses on real estate bridge loans over $2M (prefer under 65% LTV and 1st lien position) and also in some locations will propose a “purchase option” thereby yielding you an off balance sheet opportunity.

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